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Sthira Sukham Winter Course | 2018

This 3 month course, beginning Jan 8, is designed for students that are looking to find more balance in their practice. The “Sthira Sukham Method” – meaning steadiness and ease – is a blend of tradition and science to bring you into your best state of body and mind through personal focus and group atmosphere.

Each participant will receive a minimum of one private session, with instructor Grace Duckworth, to discover their personal strengths and imbalances so that even in group practice they are continually growing in a direction specific to ones’ own needs.

Daily classes will alternate between fiery Core and Alignment (vinyasa) and grounding Release into Alignment (deep stretch) to encourage a gradual build in stamina with equal parts recovery.

To further expand knowledge of each participant’s practice, public workshops will be offered one weekend per month in which Sthira Sukham students may attend for free. Each two hour workshop will cover the limitations and advantages of postures we often practice in all styles of yoga.

Classes will be held at Yoga Patch and run from Jan 8 – March 30. Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot. Choose from 3 options to best serve your needs. Join us for morning practice to experience balance and growth in a brand new way!

OPTION 1: 3 classes per week + 1 private session: $350 – or 3 payments of $120
OPTION 2: 5 classes per week + one private session: $425 – or 3 payments of $143
OPTION 3: 5 classes per week + three private sessions: $500 – or 3 payments of $170
*Repeat participants receive 10% off whichever option they choose.
COURSE SCHEDULE: MON – FRI – 5:30 – 7 am
Mon, Wed, Fri – “Core and Alignment” – build stamina and increase mobility – strong focus on mantra.
Tues, Thurs – “Release into Alignment” -soothing classes for recovery and deep relaxation – stronger focus on pranayama and meditation.
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 7235 Central Street kansas city missouri

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