Mini Retreats

Yoga retreats are AMAZING! But most of us can't commit to the time, travel and money involved. You deserve a little TLC, even if you can't get away to spend a week on a beach or in the mountains. Plan a Mini Retreat with your friends! The more people that join, the less each person...

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Dreaming of Pay-What-You-Can Yoga?

It's not a dream, yoga loving friends! Every month I choose four classes/courses/workshops to offer to the online yoga community as a love offering! As in donation! As in pay-what-you-can! This month's line up: Morning Core Routine: a time managable routine to stregthen your core and help energize you for the day! Agni - The...

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5 Days to a Stronger Core!

Do you have back pain? Difficulty holding plank pose? Can't get into arm balances? All of this is related to core strength, which happens to be a very misunderstood area of the body. Completely transform your yoga practice and exercise program by working "smarter, not harder" in this 5 day series! You can expect: Learn what...

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Noodle Romance – Vegan Mushroom Alfredo

I'm not sure why pasta is directly correlated with romance...but I think it has an awful lot to do with that noodle scene in "Lady and the Tramp". Whatever the reason, I've got an easy and delicious recipe for two! Use it to impress a date, devour with a friend who appreciates your love for...

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Grace Duckworth