Spring Into Strength and Stability- 30 Day Challenge

With the end of winter in sight, it will soon be time to change up our yoga practice so that we may shift with the arrival of spring! Join me in this 30 day challenge at the Haygoyah yoga den for the month of March!

We will be meeting together for Orientation on March 6 to discuss lifestyle changes for the 30 days, what to expect, creating discipline and optional pictures. Monday – Friday mornings we will practice a 90 minute series that I designed for joint health, increased stability and decreased pain. Each weekend participants get to choose one “free class” to take from Hagoyah’s current schedule, as well as choose one day to take off.


With this six-day-a-week practice individuals will be challenged in body and mind, but it’s through this discomfort that they will find the ability to expand in their practice in ways that might not seem possible. I sincerely hope you will choose to challenge yourself with this wonderful opportunity to grow!



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