5 Days to a Stronger Core!

Do you have back pain? Difficulty holding plank pose? Can’t get into arm balances?

All of this is related to core strength, which happens to be a very misunderstood area of the body. Completely transform your yoga practice and exercise program by working “smarter, not harder” in this 5 day series! You can expect:

  • Learn what “the core” really is
  • Daily, time convenient videos (15 min)
  • Effective routines that are accessible to all levels
  • Strengthening through breath, cardio inspired flow and static holds

Once the download is complete these videos are yours forever! Repeat the series for a few weeks for best results.

Practice anywhere, anytime! All you need is a device that plays video.  I can’t wait to work with you!

Download 5 Days to a Stronger Core!
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