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Dreaming of Pay-What-You-Can Yoga?

It’s not a dream, yoga loving friends! Every month I choose four classes/courses/workshops to offer to the online yoga community as a love offering! As in donation! As in pay-what-you-can! This month’s line up: Morning Core Routine: a time managable routine to stregthen your core and help energize you for the day! Agni – The Fire in Your Belly: create

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5 Days to a Stronger Core!

Do you have back pain? Difficulty holding plank pose? Can’t get into arm balances? All of this is related to core strength, which happens to be a very misunderstood area of the body. Completely transform your yoga practice and exercise program by working “smarter, not harder” in this 5 day series!¬†You can expect: Learn what “the core” really is Daily,

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Karma Tribe – Tuesday Mornings!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be teaching vinyasa at Karma Tribe Yoga on Tuesday mornings! This very unique, midtown, studio is Kansas City’s premier non-profit, donation based yoga studio. Their doors are open to all practitioners! Suggested donations are $5-$15 per drop in. Bring a mat and props if you have them, but know they are provided

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Vinyasa Yoga at City Gym

As of today, I will be teaching the 7:30 pm vinyasa yoga class at City Gym. Known for their friendly staff, state-of-the-art machinery and knowledgeable trainers; I cannot express how eager I am to be a part of the incredible group of instructors at this local gym. You can expect quality props provided for you in this beautiful space

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Grace Duckworth