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Foundation Flow | 3 Month Course

This course is designed for yogi(ni)s looking to deepen their practice in a way that gives space for them to grow with the same group of students over a three month period. This system allows a practitioner to put all of their focus into a single system of postures and method of meditation. By bringing regularity into a routine, one will find the ability to lead the body through breath with limited distraction.

This course is designed for levels 1-3, or very beginner to advanced. Because of the unique approach of the Sthira Sukham Method, practitioners will all be able to follow the same routine and adjust for their unique experience without feeling lost. Over the three months students can expect:

Month 1: focus on alignment of postures, building stamina, memorization and light meditation.

Month 2: alternating schedule of self practice and workshop days – in which students will have the freedom to ask questions and make alterations to their practice – and moderate meditation.

Month 3: strong focus on personal practice and meditation; with limited workshop days.

Classes will be held at Yoga Patch and begin on September 4 and run through Dec 1

Class days/times will be held Monday – Friday from 5:30 – 7 am

Pricing is $350 for course or $125 per month
Early bird discount: $300 – must sign up by July 31


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 7235 Central Street Kansas City Missouri

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