One on One at Hagoyah!


Before I found yoga and decided to teach classes full time I was a personal trainer. I loved the setting of working one on one with a client. Being able to give my full, undivided attention, answer any questions and really get to know the student. But with a super busy teaching schedule over the past 7 years, up to 21 classes a week, I haven’t had the opportunity to continue with many private sessions, until just recently! I’ve discovered an amazing amount of space for growth as a teacher and have decided to re-enter the world of one on ones!

I am so enjoying getting to be in that personal trainer environment again, but this time with yoga versus weights. In my short time back I’ve already seen so much growth with clients! My wonderful student Shari, from Hagoyah, has agreed to let me share her story and progress (over 30 days) with you all!

“I started practicing yoga about 6 months ago and am so grateful for how much it has helped me.  I have had a great deal of pain along the left side of my body for quite some time.  I have attended a number of different classes at Hagoya Yoga Studio, at which Grace Duckworth is an instructor.  Given the benefits my body was already experiencing and the fact that it helped to lessen the pain I had been feeling, I wondered if working with Grace could help me even more with my specific areas of pain.  Grace was able to give me a short yoga routine that I could carry out each day for 15-20 minutes to focus on these areas.  After only one month I feel so much relief on my left side I can hardly believe it.  I was able to get temporary relief through a chiropractor and medication, but in working with Grace I feel as though I am getting consistent and sustained relief from pain that I have experienced for over 3 years.  Thank you Grace!”

I’m offering a package deal of 5 sessions for $250 for new clients or $75 a session for one time drop in session. If you are interested in beginning your own one on one journey with me – focused on alignment, adjustments and progress – at Hagoyah leave a comment or send me an email at


Thanks to Shari for choosing to share her story and incredible progress! I look forward to working with you! Namaste!


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